About Me

It took me three years to publish a proper ‘about’ section. So here goes…

Hello. Welcome to The Keepers Map! My name is Hui Jun (friends and family call me Jun) and I’m from sunny Singapore. I’m an avid traveller and I love travelling.

This blog features travel itineraries that are planned to the T.

I know most travellers today don’t have the time to plan their trips, and I want to help. I understand the importance of location, time and money when it comes to DIY travel, so this little blog is where I share my travel itineraries based on personal experiences.

Each detailed itinerary features a pinned Google Map and a free downloadable itinerary in .doc or .pdf (which includes the distance/time between two places).

I Used To Eat And Travel For a Living

I used to work as a full-time food and travel writer, photographer and videographer. Yes, that meant indulgent media tastings and fancy media trips. Life was indeed great. However I left the dream job in January 2017 to travel less, but more meaningfully.

Am I crazy? I guess I am!

Of course I do miss those amazing perks from time to time.

So what happened? Nothing. I was getting too comfortable.

And I wanted new challenges, preferably something out of my comfort zone.

So I took a leap of faith into the unknown – went back to school, took on several jobs, travelled a lot, explored a lot of options… Well, some people call that mid-life crisis. I call it a life-changing experience.

I currently work as a freelancer and offer copywriting, digital marketing, photography and website creation services. I also own an online women’s clothing shop. I only spend time on projects that I genuinely love – and I haven’t been happier.