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Gopuek Godum (โกเผือกโกดำ): The Best Meal I Had In Chiang Mai

Gopuek Godum (โกเผือกโกดำ): This Local Chiang Mai Eatery’s Colourful Thai Custard Is Sold Out Within 4 Hours Every Day.

The best meal I had in Chiang Mai wasn’t at a fancy restaurant. Heck, you can’t even find its presence on Trip Advisor! Instead, it was at an unassuming local eatery called Gopuek Godum (โกเผือกโกดำ). Locating it might be quite a challenge as it is tucked away in a residential area with no english signboards. The best way to get there would be via a Grab/Uber as most drivers in Chiang Mai can barely speak english.

NOTE: I realised I could neither copy and paste the Thai characters (โกเผือกโกดำ) into Grab/Uber, nor find Gopuek Godum on Grab/Uber. So perhaps you could try keying in their exact GPS coordinates 18.80627, 98.96397 into Google Maps instead, then order a Grab/Uber from there.

Gopuek Godum is only open from 8am to 12pm every day (closed on Thursdays) and is famous amongst the locals for its Thai custard dip set. Their custard dip sets usually sell out before its closing time and I learnt this the hard way when I was turned away on a Wednesday morning. I returned on a Friday morning and it was full house. P.s. I heard it’s even more packed during the weekend!

Fortunately, I got a table for two within 15 minutes. And the verdict? It was totally worth the wait.

The beautiful Thai Custard Dip Set (THB 35 / SGD 1.40) is a must order. The plate of colourful custard — handmade with a myriad of ingredients such as condensed milk, coconut milk and cream — boasts four distinct flavours, namely beetroot, butterfly pea, green tea and Thai milk tea. The custard is served with steamed or toasted bread toast. We wiped them out effortlessly.

Gopuek Godum’s Brown Sugar Charcoal Toast Set (THB 35 / SGD 1.40) is worth the calories too. Drizzled with condensed milk and brown sugar, the black-coloured toast tastes amazing on its own. It’s delightfully crisp on the outside and but pillowy soft inside. It is also worth mentioning that Gopuek Godum’s toasts and custard dips are subtly sweet yet distinctively fragrant.

I’ve never once fancied the Thai milk teas in Singapore, because most are disgustingly sweet. However, Gopuek Godum’s rendition was incredibly refreshing – just the right amount of sugar! Do order their Thai Milk Tea and Green Milk Tea (hot – THB 20 / SGD 0.80, iced – THB 25 / 1.05).

Now, let’s move on to the savoury dishes. By the way, the portion of each dish is really small, so do order more if you are dining with other people. The Pan-fried Egg (regular – THB 35 / SGD 1.40, large – THB 45 / SGD 1.85) and Vietnam-style Noodles (regular – THB 40 / SGD 1.65, large – THB 45 / SGD 1.85) might not be the most photogenic, but I dare say they were damn delicious!

The texture of the Vietnam-style Noodles caught me by surprise; the noodles hail from Isan and they were soft and slippery smooth. The pork broth was served with congealed pig’s blood, pork bone and fish cakes. It tastes like pho, but better than pho! If you really have to choose between the noodles and the pan-fried egg.. Choose the noodles.

I’m still in disbelief that we only paid approximately S$7.70 for ALL the dishes we’ve ordered. Highly, highly recommended! In fact, Gopuek Godum should be on the top of your list when you visit Chiang Mai. Just make sure you double check their opening days and hours before visiting.

Click here to visit Gopuek Godum’s official Facebook page.

Address: Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, 50300, Thailand | 18.80627, 98.96397
Closest Landmark: MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center (a 11-minute walk)

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