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Hanko 60 — A Speakeasy Cocktail Bar in Ximending, Taipei

Taipei Bar Review: Hanko 60 (a hidden bar in Ximending)

Hanko 60’s entrance

Tip for first-timers: Use Google Maps to find Hanko 60

The entrance of specialty cocktail bar Hanko 60 would have fooled any unsuspecting passer-by into thinking that it was some shady cinema instead. We mean, look at the Hangover and Tom Cruise movie posters pasted on the worn out walls! The misleading time slots in mandarin would have too deterred any foreigner from entering this hipster watering hole. The place is obviously reserved for those who have heard about it and those who bother seeking it.

Having said that, do use Google Maps — or whichever alternative — to navigate yourself to Hanko 60. Keep your eyes peeled for the “movie theatre” and you should be there in a jiffy upon exiting the bustling Ximending Youth Shopping District (Hanko 60 is a 8-min walk from Ximen Station).

The artsy fartsy will definitely fancy speakeasy bar Hanko 60.

There’s an art studio located right above the hidden bar and it soon dawned upon us that every object in the bar seemed like a masterpiece. The bar’s neon-lit retro centrepiece says ‘如醉如梦’ — when directly translated, the Chinese idiom means being in a drunken or dreamy state. The glass tables are hand filled with an uncountable number of coins. Needless to say, this is an instagram-worthy paradise for all self-acclaimed hipsters and cocktail connoisseurs.

Hanko 60 boasts creative concoctions with unique Asian twists

The beverage menu features a comprehensive selection of creative cocktails with invigorating Taiwanese twists. Fortunately, prices here are significantly cheaper than what one would pay in Hong Kong and Singapore. A high-quality concoction starts from NT$300 / S$13.70. From cinema popcorn box, oriental tea cup to miniature bathtub, you can look forward to insanely photogenic cocktail presentation here! We love this place & would recommend it to fellow travellers :)

Address: No. 60, Section 2, Hankou St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108
Nearest Metro: Ximen Station (a 8-minute walk)

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