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An Honest Review of Shanghai Disneyland Park

8 Things To Know Before Visiting Shanghai Disney Resort

Like everyone else, I have heard so much about the 5.5-billion-dollar Shanghai Disneyland Park prior to my arrival. I’m not going to lie – I was terrified of the vandalism and urination stories.

Many cynics have warned me to proceed with caution. But how could I possibly let these stories deter me from visiting Walt Disney’s biggest international resort? Honestly speaking, my overall experience at Shanghai Disneyland wasn’t as bad as what people pictured it to be. If you love theme parks and are a Disney fan, then you have to make a trip to Shanghai Disneyland Park.

Here are 8 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Shanghai Disneyland.

1. You need at least an entire day to explore Shanghai Disneyland

Tron, Tomorrowland, Shanghai Disneyland

Let’s talk about first impressions. Shanghai Disneyland is massive and every bit magical. By way of comparison, Shanghai Disneyland is 3 times bigger than Hong Kong Disneyland. Needless to say, it will take you at least a day to finish exploring the Chinese theme park. An entire day might actually still be insufficient since the entire resort takes up 390 hectares of land!

I hate to say this.. But I made a silly mistake by visiting Shanghai Disneyland on my first day (which I shouldn’t have, since I touched down Pudong Airport at 06:35am). I was feeling groggy and hungry – and as a result, failed miserably to cover all the rides in Shanghai Disneyland Park. Le sigh. THAT is my biggest regret. I’m only satisfied when I conquer all attractions.

2. It is home to the biggest Disneyland castle ever built

The 196-foot-tall Enchanted Storybook Castle is the largest Disneyland castle ever built on earth. It celebrates all Disney Princesses and it’s hard to not be swept away by its grandness. The four-storey castle features various exciting attractions and there is never a dull moment here.

3. Bring your little ones to Bibbdi Bobbidi Boutique

Bibbdi Bobbidi Boutique, Shanghai Disneyland Park

Located inside the majestic castle is Bibbdi Bobbidi Boutique – Disneyland’s fairytale salon which allows the little ones to undergo a head-to-toe makeover and transform into a knight or princess for the day. Look at shining costumes displayed in the cabinets… Too cute!

4. We hope you understand mandarin

Here’s something you need to know: All shows in Shanghai Disneyland Park are performed in mandarin. Thereafter, the enchantment diminished for every Chinese illiterate out there. Thankfully, we are bilingual. But even then, it still took some sort of adjustment.

5. The crowd gets a little barbaric in enclosed areas

The crowd at Shanghai Disneyland Park comprises mainly domestic tourists from other parts of China. Seasoned travellers in Asia will know this by now: The Chinese can get really rude.

I was mentally preparing myself for the uncivilised crowd that netizens have been talking about. And alas, the relentless pushing started when I was queuing up for a show. Unfortunately, my retaliation was disregarded; pushing is seen as a norm here! What can I say? Close one eye. Lesson learnt: Fighting fire with fire is possibly the worst idea. Let it go!

6. Off-peak season isn’t applicable for Disneyland

Despite visiting during the so-called off-peak travel season, waiting time was still required for certain rides. It is recommended that you purchase a Disney Fastpass for maximum efficiency – especially if you only have a day at Shanghai Disneyland. Time is money and you wouldn’t want to waste your precious time queuing up for just one ride, do you?!

7. Be strategic or you will miss out on the main parades

So here’s the truth: I saw nothing during the train-themed parade Mickey’s Storybook Express. THIS picture (above) sums up my pathetic view. The same could be said for my experience during the 20-minute Fireworks Performance. I even climbed up boulders and platforms in a desperate attempt to get a better view… But the struggle was real. I totally failed.

8. Trust Disney PhotoPass to capture your precious memories

Leave your cameras at home and entrust Disney PhotoPass to do all the work for you. There are many designated photography spots across Shanghai Disneyland and you can have your photos taken by these professional photographers. Running out of ideas to pose? No worries, these photography peeps are hella creative! Here are a few images that Disney PhotoPass snapped:

How it works: All the photos taken by Disney PhotoPass are instantly uploaded into your account on Disney PhotoPass mobile app. You can view/download the digital images right away. P.s. Yes, they even added adorable effects i.e. balloons into our pictures.

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