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The Naka Phuket Hotel Review: So beautiful, it’s an attraction on its own

The Naka Phuket – An award-winning resort in Thailand

“Asia’s Best Building of the Year 2015”

The-Naka-Phuket-Infinity-PoolThe Naka Phuket Architecture We stayed in The Naka Phuket for three nights last month, and were blown away by its beauty! Seriously, we spent the bulk of our time gawking at The Naka Phuket’s glorious coastal scenery.

How do you get over a view like this?! P.s. It looks even better in real life.

But as always, there’s a little bad in the good. The hills are so steep that you need a buggy to travel to and fro your villa and the hotel lobby. And the lights were way too dim at night… These ‘issues’ were negligible but we shall raise them anyway just in case it matters to you.

All in all, our stay at The Naka Phuket was amazing and everything surpassed our expectations!

1. Each villa is equipped with a private pool and balcony

All units — except the Napa Suite Room — are equipped with a private infinity pool and balcony. The sweeping view of the Andaman Sea and its surrounding mountainous landscape is 10/10.

2. The villas in The Naka Phuket are incredibly spacious

The four of us stayed in a two-bedroom pool villa; the entire villa spans across two levels.

The 2nd bedroom was located downstairs, equipped with its own bathroom. The villa was so spacious that we probably could sneak in a few more friends to join the party… But we didn’t & please don’t do that!

Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures of the second bedroom and both bathrooms. The only photo we snapped was the outdoor tub.

Oh there was a BIG spider lurking around. But that’s alright. The Naka Phuket was built with a goal to maintain the natural landscape as much as possible – and we understand that creepy crawlies lived here before us.

3. The Naka Phuket boasts an unspoiled private beach

The Naka Phuket’s exclusive private beach puts Patong Beach to utter shame. Look at how blue the water is and how fine the sand is!

We had a great time playing with hermit crabs (disclaimer: none were harmed in the process) and waddling along the beach. The seabed is quite rocky, so proceed with caution! The staff was apparently alarmed by our mini sea ‘expedition’ and came running towards us with water shoes – only to damage his leather shoes. We felt so bad.

4. The Naka Phuket’s Location: So near, yet so far

The Naka Phuket is only 10 kilometres away from the iconic Patong Beach. There is a complimentary shuttle service to Patong town, but it isn’t an hourly thing so plan ahead. Otherwise, you can always call for a taxi/Uber.

We stayed in one of the topmost villas so we needed the buggy to get around. Yes, we had to take a buggy from the lobby to the villa and vice versa every day. What amazed us was the drivers’ efficiency; they always arrive within minutes after we have made a call to the concierge.

All the villas are built on a different inclination hence some villas are walkable.

5. So private, yet so exposed

We thought you should also know that some private pools don’t look THAT private due to its lower altitude. We were fortunate to stay in the villa perched atop the hill, but several villas do look pretty exposed from some angles.

We stayed in the 2-bedroom villa and our living room actually sits between the master bathroom and master bedroom. In other words, there is no connecting bathroom to the main bedroom. Bummer!

It is also worth mentioning that the ground level’s toilet, shower and outdoor tub are located right beside the staircase (which leads to the bedroom downstairs). The glass is completely transparent and everything is in CLEAR view. As a result, we were peeing/showering in fear half the time that someone would just walk in. Alright for a couple, but awkward for two couples…

6. Great Thai food, mediocre Western food

The Naka Phuket’s all-day dining restaurant The Wiwa is where we had our buffet breakfast every day. The spread was decent (however, like most hotels, coffee was terrible) and the selection of food rotates daily. The Thai food is delicious, but the same cannot be said for the Western food. If you are dining here for lunch, order their gra pow!

7. The public infinity pool faces the ocean

Located outside The Wiwa is a 50-metre long public swimming pool. You can lounge on the sundecks and unwind over beer under the gigantic palm trees. Serenity at its very best.

8. It’s a paradise for all narcissistic Instagrammers

The Naka Phuket is impossibly beautiful at every angle and is indeed an attraction on its own!

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