Little Zoo Cafe Bangkok Siam Square
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Cafe Review: Little Zoo Cafe Siam Square (their 2nd outlet)

Bangkok Cafe Review: Little Zoo Cafe (Siam Square)

Little Zoo Cafe has opened its 2nd outlet in the heart of Bangkok!

This means there is no need to travel all the way to Nonthaburi to play with these cute furry creatures. The pet cafe is located only a 5-minute walk away from Siam Square shopping mall.

Little Zoo Cafe is no ordinary pet cafe… It is Asia’s very first fox cafe.

Boasting more than 11,300 followers on their official Instagram page, Little Zoo Café is indeed a celebrity on social media. In fact, this was how we came to know about the unique café’s existence too. We didn’t know what to expect – but our experience was quite a memorable one.

At Little Zoo Café, you can get up close & personal with exotic pets like never before.

You can play with fennec foxes, an arctic fox and even a raccoon! However, patrons would have to order at least one food and beverage each to meet the star of the show aka the raccoon. If you were wondering, we visited on a Friday (around 4pm) and didn’t have to wait for a table.

Food and drinks are slightly pricey for Bangkok’s standards

Play with different types of foxes

While waiting for your turn to enter the raccoon’s den, visitors can entertain themselves by playing with the herd of chihuahuas. Staff members will also be walking around with fennic foxes and offering photography opportunities. There are several birds, chinchillas and gerbils housed in different cages and tanks too.

Now, let’s talk about Little Zoo Café’s fennic foxes. They are adorable, tame and every bit harmless… The only problem? The tiny fox was actually trembling in our hands! The staff reassured us that it was only ‘a sly act’, but we quickly returned the fox to the staff anyway – it honestly didn’t feel right when the tiny body was quivering.

That’s an arctic fox, not a dog!

On the other hand, the arctic fox is bolder, cheekier and would playfully gnaw at our hands. There was clearly no sign of trauma.

And this is where I will confess: I was afraid that the pup’s frisky nibble could go wrong. Yes, the baby fox might not mean harm – but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

P.s. Yes it was strange seeing the arctic fox’s cheeks stained with a rosy pink hue…

While many customers have expressed concerns about these animals’ welfare, it seemed apparent to us that the creatures and staff do share a special bond (you should see how attached the dogs are to the staff).

Minimum spending is required to meet Little Zoo Cafe’s popular raccoon

Alas, it was our turn to enter the raccoon’s playroom! Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to ‘carry’ it like what other guests did as the raccoon seemed a little distressed. There were a lot of language barriers between the staff and us, but we were allowed to feed/pat the mammal.

Little Zoo Café (Siam Square) is way smaller than the flagship café and the food isn’t fantastic. We also didn’t see meerkats in this outlet, but it is still worth making a special trip to. Where else can you interact with such animals? It is a dream come true for many kids… And adults like me.

Tip: Don’t let the address mislead you – it is NOT located within the shopping mall
Address: Siam Square Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand 10330
Directions: A 5-minute walk away from Siam BTS station

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